We help photographers of all levels make the most of their work - taking things from the negative to the gallery and everything in between.



Film Services


Processing & Roll Scans

We all know the importance of the negative to every photographer. It is the data, the score, and the information source for all of your imagery. Griffin uses only the most sophisticated Dip & Dunk technology to insure quality and consistency.

Student Services

We offer a student discount on our C-41 film processing services. At Griffin Editions, we know how hard it can be to find quality affordable services when you just start out and we are committed to helping students make the best work they can.

Analog Printing

Griffin Editions worked exclusively with Ilford to develop a landmark process that combines the precision of digital imaging with the unrivaled richness of silver gelatin (black & white) printing.


Digital Services


Digital Printing

Griffin Editions offers a wide variety of digital printing. From metal prints to state-of-the-art laser exposed printing, our talented staff can help you take your images from the camera to the gallery wall.


We provide expert quality scans for digital output and archives. These scans are available for all film types and sizes, transparencies and reflective material.


Additional Services



Printing your image is only the beginning. We know how important presentation is and are committed to helping you display your work in the best way possible.


Our frames are hand-built by our team of experienced framers, carpenters, sprayers and fitters according to the specific needs of your artwork.

Post Production

Our analogue and digital post production studio has a background in traditional film photography that we use when producing high end imagery for some of the industry's top talents and agencies.

Photography by Tyler Mitchell - Printed by Griffin Editions

Photography by Tyler Mitchell - Printed by Griffin Editions


β€œOne of the best labs in New York. Griffin Editions has quick turnarounds and good prices.”

- Bjarne Jonasson